Pre-Wedding Planning Tips All Brides and Grooms Should Know

Your wedding planning is going to be pretty difficult – we won’t lie. However, if you want to be prepared before you even start, do make sure you read (and apply!) the following tips, because we have gathered the absolute essentials all brides and grooms should know before proceeding on their wedding planning process.

  • Not setting any kind of wedding budget in place is a huge mistake. Yes, we know you want to jump right into the more interesting stuff, like the venue, or even the guest list. But before you even talk to someone and tell them you’re having a wedding, be sure you will have the budget to guide you through your choices.
  • You should definitely have a plan B, in case it rains. You cannot control the weather, so if you want to have an outdoor wedding (ceremony and/or reception), you should definitely have a “dry” option available for you and for the guests. Most often, a wedding tent or simply an indoor option will make do.
  • And speaking of 100% outdoor events – they might feel very fun, and yes, they are. However, keep in mind that they are not the cheapest ones. So, when creating the wedding budget, be sure to be realistic about it!
  • Once you have a daft guest list in place, proceed with the search for the right wedding venue. Keep in mind: it should fit not only you personally, but it should fit the number of your guests too. A wedding venue should not be too large because it will make it feel too spacious and cold. Likewise, it shouldn’t be too crammed either because it will just create an unusually party atmosphere.
  • Not providing guests with enough information. Tell your guests everything about the wedding: the names of the bride and groom, the names of the parents, how to reach the wedding venue (GPS coordinates, indications, maps, and so on). Also, be sure to tell guests have their accommodation options set in place as well – people will surely appreciate it if you handled this for them!

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