Important Elements to Include in Your Wedding Ceremony Checklist

Your wedding ceremony might not be long – but believe us when we say that it’s going to be one of the most magical memories of your life. From the moment you make your first step down the aisle to the moment you make your grand exit, showered with flower petals, every single second of this special event will be truly amazing.

How to make sure your ceremony goes smoothly?

Here are some checklist items you should make sure not to forget about.

  • The officiant. This is the person who will actually marry you, so it’s important to choose someone you actually like and whose values are compatible with yours. It can be a religious officiant (such as a priest or a rabbi), it can be a civil officiant, or it can even be a good friend who has been given the right to marry couples. No matter what you choose, be sure to have an actual discussion with this person beforehand, so that you check their compatibility.
  • The marriage license. This is probably the least romantic think you have to consider – but keep in mind that without a marriage license, you are planning a wedding without…actual marriage. Yes, you DO need to go through the ordeal of getting your marriage license beforehand, so plan this (and make sure not to forget it at home!).
  • Choose the ushers. You need a couple of friends to guide guests to their seats when they enter the ceremony (especially if you are very keen on having your parents and very close relatives stand in the front row, on the most important seats).
  • Create your playlist. The wedding ceremony should be 100% musical. Most of the times, the music will be dimmed down, so that it can only complement the magic of the moment with more grace and beauty. But for those very special moments, such as the processional and the recessional, you should definitely provide the DJ with your favorite songs. This will create such a unique moment – just perfect to mirror your own love story!

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