You Should Definitely Pack These Things for Your Wedding

Your wedding day is going to be very special – and, as the bride, you want to make sure every single element of it is perfect. Of course, you will put a lot of attention to detail into everything connected to the Big Day – but even with the best planners on your side, you should still be prepared for unforeseen accidents (such as wine spilled on your wedding gown, for example).

What are some of the things you should definitely bring with you at your wedding to fix this kind of situations? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

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  • Baby powder. You have no idea what a miracle maker this can be. While it may not be able to magically erase greasy stains off your dress, it can definitely make them less visible by absorbing the oils in them. Furthermore, if you use a stain removal wipe to “erase” a wine stain from your dress, you can also add a bit of baby powder on top – it will stick to the stain and cover it so that it’s not too noticeable.
  • Clear nail polish. You probably know that nail polish can be used to stop stockings from running – but this is just one of the reasons you should pack some with you on your wedding day. Another way you can use it in case of an unforeseen circumstance is to glue rhinestones on your dress, purse, or shoes (it will act just like a clear glue and stick the rhinestones back to their place).
  • Lip balm. Not only is this essential to apply before makeup (to make sure your lipstick is applied smoothly), but it can also come in handy in times of…zipper trouble. Just use a little bit of lip balm on a zipper that’s stuck and it will help you in a matter of seconds!
  • Dryer sheet. Sure, this might sound weird – but a damp, used dryer sheet can prevent your dress from sticking to your stockings. You just need to rub the dryer sheet on the area to make the “magic” happen.

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