Everyone Will Love these Plants as Wedding Favors!

Offering wedding favors is not an absolute must – it’s not like you’re cutting the ceremony off the Big Day or not serving any kind of food to your guests. Favors are, however, a nice gesture of appreciation – they show your guests that you really appreciate their presence there and that you would like them to leave your wedding with a small memory of this beautiful moment in your life.
Have you considered offering wedding favors that are based on flowers and/or plants? They can be such a subtle and beautiful gift, especially when you sprinkle them with a bit of your personality and your own sense of uniqueness!
Here are some of the prettiest ideas for plant based wedding favors to inspire you:
• Edible seeds. This is the perfect blend between a classic edible wedding favor and a plant based one. Offer your guests edible seeds wrapped in pretty packages and they will more than love it. For instance, candy-covered sunflower seeds can be a really nice treat – and when packed in a personalized envelope, they can be more than appropriate for a wedding.
• Pine saplings. Want to help the environment and to help your guests “upgrade” their patio? Offer them pine saplings to plant when they get home. They can be beautifully packaged in burlap, and they work marvelously well with fall and winter weddings. Everyone will love the idea!
• Petal boxes. Fill little boxes with the petals of the same blooms you have already included in your wedding décor. If they are fragranced, it’s even better! Don’t forget to personalize the boxes and add something cute to them – something that will remind guests that your wedding was absolutely amazing!
• Framed dried flowers. You can do this with the same blooms as you have used for the wedding décor or with any other type of blooms. Offer your guests these pieces of home décor and they will definitely love the gift. Romantic and timeless, dried and pressed flowers have a special allure to them – one that seems to always tell a story of beauty and love!

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