Did You Know the Story Behind THESE Wedding Traditions?

Wedding traditions frequently attract polarizing opinions. On the one hand, there are the brides and grooms who feel that it’s best to stick to traditions, while on the other hand, there are couples who feel that they should be able to set their own rules when it comes to their Big Day.

If you choose to incorporate some of the most popular wedding customs, though, it is definitely worth knowing where they come from. Following, we have gathered some tips to help you learn more about the history of wedding traditions – so read on and find out more.

  • Seeing the bride before the wedding. Well, this might feel like a pretty romantic tradition these days, but the truth is that its origins are much, much more pragmatic. This tradition originated in times when the vast majority of weddings were arranged – and seeing the bride before the wedding could have meant that either the groom or the bride herself might disappear from the wedding before it actually happens.
  • Carrying the bride through the door. Again, this might feel very romantic, but back in medieval Europe (where custom came from), the tradition was quite different. Basically, back then, people believed that evil spirits could make their way into a house through the soles of a bride’s shoes – so, by carrying her through the door, the groom wasn’t showing her a lot of love and affection, but protecting the house from the evil she might bring with her.
  • Tossing confetti for the wedding exit. Most people know that this was originally done with rice – but not everyone knows that rice is meant to symbolize fertility and richness for the newlyweds. These days, sparklers are lit, confetti is tossed, balloons are released, and soap bubbles are blown – rice is rarely used anymore.
  • Something borrowed. The “something borrowed” part of the famous tradition (still followed by most couples) is meant to symbolize the passing on of good luck from a woman who had plenty in her marriage to a woman who is just starting her married life. This is why your “borrwed” item should come from someone who had a long and happy marriage.


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