There Should Be NO Room for Fighting at Your Wedding

Weddings are days of positivity, hope, and love. They aren’t meant for any kind of negativity – and, as the bride and groom, you want to make sure nothing bad sneaks into your Big Day.

There should be no room for negativity and quarrels at your wedding – but what happens when some of the guests don’t get along very well for one reason or another?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Plan your seating chart well. This is at the very basis of making sure people don’t fight at your wedding. Take your time in seating everyone and take everything into consideration: from their personalities to their history. Are they compatible? Do they have any kind of negative history? Are they likely to start a fight when put together? These things have to be really well thought through because you want to make sure everyone gets along at your wedding.
  • Don’t invite people who might make a scene. If you know someone is likely to make your wedding their stage for a scene, just don’t invite them (especially if you don’t feel particularly bound to this person). This is your wedding and you should have the right to only invite people you actually want there.
  • Ask your bridesmaids and groomsmen to keep an eye on the guests. You can’t be everywhere during the wedding day (or any other time, really). Ask your wedding party to be your eyes and spot any quarrel before it turns into a scandal. Ask them to mediate between people who might not get along. Delegate them to do whatever they need to make sure the quarrel doesn’t take over your wedding.
  • Ask them to leave. If you see someone has started a fight, simply ask them to leave. They should be respectful enough to understand that your wedding isn’t the right place or time for this kind of things – so you are more than right to ask them to leave if they make a scene.


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