3 Lovely Ideas for a Multicultural Big Day

Nothing can ever be as powerful, as undeniably timeless and as amazing as love.

Love goes beyond every single border created by man: cultural or physical, the mountains that separate are crumbled under the power of love.

Here at Hunt Country Celebrations, we are always more than happy to witness such powerful love stories – and we are always more than happy to help these couples create a wedding that really mirrors them and their background.

What are some of the very best ideas for a multicultural wedding?

We have some tips for you – continue reading and find out more.

  • Embrace each other. You are different, but your love has brought you together. Show the world you are ready to embrace each other’s cultures and languages by saying a few words in your loved one’s mother tongue. It can happen during the ceremony (as part of the wedding vows, for instance), or during the reception (during a speech or a special reading) – whenever it happens, you are guaranteed to impress your SO and their family!
  • Translate everything. Will your loved one’s family understand everything at the wedding? If not, you can definitely create bilingual versions of your wedding stationery – because yes, your SO’s family should definitely understand what’s on the wedding program, wedding menu, and wedding invitations. Also, if you feel that they might not understand the ceremony, hiring an interpreter is perfectly acceptable (and actually recommended!).
  • Go beyond language. Serving foods of your traditional backgrounds, including traditional music in the wedding, and even following certain traditions that pertain to your family’s ancestry – these things are bound to create a multicultural wedding every single guest will love. At the end of the day, weddings are all about love and commitment, so showing the world how much you love your SO and how committed you are to building a harmonious future together will go perfectly with the idea of a wedding that incorporates multiple ethnic traditions. Plus, it will help you create a very special, unforgettable wedding atmosphere.


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