These Wedding Day Disasters Are Common, But Here’s How to Avoid Them

Planning a wedding in Virginia (or elsewhere, for that matter) can be a tough task – especially if you have never planned anything this big before. With attention to detail and imagination, you can really pull off an amazing event – but even so, there still are some “wedding disasters” you should be completely aware of if you want to avoid them.

What are some of the most common wedding disasters out there and how to make sure they stay away from your Big Day? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Catering is late (or seems to have disappeared altogether). This is probably one of the worst bridal nightmares ever – and it can actually happen. The caterer may have their dates messed up, they might be stuck in traffic, or something may have gone wrong with your food and they had to start it over. To avoid this kind of situations, try to search for really reliable caterings service providers – preferably, in-house catering companies connected to your wedding venue. It’s just safer this way.
  • Something happens to your wedding gown. No matter how much you want to dismiss the thought, this is likely – especially with so many people dancing around (and some of them quite tipsy, if we may add). A wine stain might not be easy to get out of the dress, but a small tear can be very easily covered up with fabric tape (just enough so that it doesn’t show in pictures).
  • The weather isn’t very friendly. Outdoor weddings are very popular throughout spring, summer, and the better part of autumn as well. However, if you’re planning an outdoor event, you absolutely have to make sure there’s a plan B in store, just in case it rains. Even the hottest day of summer can suddenly turn into a wet disaster if you don’t plan this ahead very thoroughly – so no, the wedding season you choose should have no influence on whether or not you create a plan B for the Big Day. An indoor space or a wedding tent can be real life savers.


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