4 Beauty Tips to Start Following Six Months before the Big Day

As a bride, your beauty on the Big Day is important to you.

We’re more than certain that your happiness will shine through your skin making you look absolutely flawless with absolutely no makeup on – but even so, we know how anxious you must feel right now and how you definitely want to make sure everything is well planned ahead of time.

What are some of the beauty tips you should start following about six months before your Big Day in Virginia? We have gathered them right below – so read on and find out more.

  • Plan just the way you plan everything else related to your wedding: by having a clear budget and goal in mind. Want to get healthier skin before the wedding day? Set this as a goal. Want to lose 20 pounds? Set it as a goal. Whatever beauty-related thing you may want on your wedding day, be sure to set it as an (attainable!) goal about six months ahead.
  • Hire your bridal beauty team. Unless you decide to take the DIY path, you will have to hire a hairstylist and a makeup artist for your wedding day. Take your time with this: look around, read reviews, and definitely “test drive” their services. You want to look really amazing on the Big Day, and it’s really important for you to hire people who actually get you and your style!
  • Start working out. This is not just a weight loss-related thing. It’s something connected to your state of being, to your hormones, to your skin, and to every single cell in your body. Regardless of whether you choose to go to the gym and lift weights or simply take dance lessons, be sure you choose a workout that works for you!
  • Get any kind of minor procedure done now. If you want a small facial lift, or if you just want a laser hair removal, be sure to make your appointment about six months before the Big Day. This will give you enough time to see if you like it and/or if it fits you.


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