Did You Know about These Super-Foods for Excellent Wedding Day Skin?

Regardless of what type of wedding you’re planning in Virginia, one thing is for certain: you want to look absolutely flawless as you walk down the aisle, dance your First Dance, and cut your wedding cake. You want to be radiant, you want to feel pretty, you want to be the most amazing lady in the room – and on a three-state radius at the very least.

Of course, the dress you wear, the hairdo, the makeup, the shoes, the accessories, and everything else will all contribute to helping you feel fabulous on your Big Day. But you shouldn’t forget about your skin too!

In fact, that is one of the most crucial elements of your wedding day look – and eating the right foods can definitely help you achieve that stunning glow all brides appreciate.

What are the best foods to eat for your skin? We have some tips for you – continue reading to find out more.

  • You may think fats are bad for you, but in reality, fats are actually healthy – as long as they’re the good kind of fats, of course (such as salmon, avocado, or olive oil, for example). Use these within measure and you will reap a wide range of benefits: for your brain, for your heart, and, yes, for your skin too.
  • This is not really a food in the proper sense of the word, but it is truly one of the most crucial elements not just for your skin but for your overall health. Drink about eight glasses of water every day to make sure your skin gets the hydration it needs to stay elastic and pretty.
  • Green…everything. Specifically, green leaves, such as spinach or kale can really boost your body’s stock of antioxidants. Consequently, this will help your skin look fresher, younger, and more elastic. Our advice is to pack up a lot of these greens in your morning smoothie – and top everything off with chia seeds, another super-food excellent for the health and beauty of your skin.


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