Are You Familiar with These Engagement Party Etiquette Rules?

Wedding etiquette rules have changed a lot in the past few years – and that’s OK, etiquette is not there to give Virginia brides and grooms nightmares, but to make sure none of the guests is offended by anything. That is precisely why some of the etiquette rules still make sense today, decades (or maybe even centuries) after they’ve been born.

Of course, you may know your fairy share of wedding etiquette – but you familiar with these engagement party etiquette rules? If not, you should definitely take them into consideration!

  • Whom to invite. You can invite anyone you want at your engagement party – and the list can be as short or as long as you want it to be. Most of the engagement parties are very intimate and they are always smaller than the weddings themselves – but this is up to you. What you absolutely MUST keep in mind is that whoever is invited to the engagement party will HAVE TO be invited to the wedding as well.
  • You shouldn’t expect gifts at your engagement party because they are not a must-have. However, keep in mind that some of your guests might want to offer you something nice. And that is precisely why it’s advised for you to have your wedding registry ready before the party.
  • Same as gifts, toasts aren’t really expected – but they frequently happen. What is important to keep in mind here is that these toasts should be tasteful (remember, your parents and even your grandparents will be there too!). If you have friends or relatives who might get a bit too cheeky with the jokes after a couple of glasses of wine, be sure to tell them from the very beginning that they should play nice.
  • Generally, engagement parties take place about six to eight weeks after the proposal. Why so late? Because you need time to announce everyone close to you (via phone or face to face) and because you need time to plan the actual event as well. This timeline will give you plenty of time to deal with it all!


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