Want a Memorable Wedding After-Party? Here Are Some Tips

Your wedding reception might last for just a few hours – but there’s nobody to stop you from having a really amazing Virginia wedding after-party as well! How do you do that? What are the most important things to remember when planning a wedding after-party?

We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Make a reservation. Of course, it might seem that planning another event after planning the wedding is nearly impossible – but just think of the alternative. Do you really want to spend an hour (or more!) Yelping for the available locations in your area? Do you really want your after party guests to not have room to sit? Do you really want their party appetite to vanish on the way to the after-party location? Probably not – and these are just some of the reasons you might want to make sure you book an after-party club.
  • Don’t bring the wedding décor, get something different. Your after-party shouldn’t feel as posh and as elegant as your actual wedding reception – so why bring the décor from there (and struggle carrying it around)? A couple of décor items and balloons will make your reserved table(s) feel more like part of your wedding – and they won’t cost a fortune either.
  • DO bring extra entertainment if you can afford it. If your budget allows for this kind of spending, don’t be afraid to hire extra entertainment for your wedding after-party. It might cost the extra, but it will make everyone FEEL extra special and extra entertained – and that’s precisely what you want, right?
  • Last, but not least, don’t just sneak out with your loved one. Yes, that’s what newlyweds usually do, but before you do that, do make sure you have hired a bus for your wedding guests as well. You really, really don’t want them to get behind the wheel after so many drinks – and a rented bus is just the perfect way to make sure that doesn’t happen and that they are safely brought home.


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