Beautiful Summer Wedding Centerpiece Ideas Everyone Will LOVE

There are a million reasons to convince you to settle on a summer wedding in Virginia – and the abundance of flowers is definitely one of them. How do you bring all that beautiful nature into your wedding day though?

We’ve gathered some of the most amazing summer wedding centerpiece ideas right below – so read on if you’re looking for some inspiration.

  • Antique-looking vases. The simplest way to add style and grace to any kind of summer wedding centerpiece is by including an antique-looking vase in the mix. Regardless of whether it’s a stone-looking vase with moss stains or a bronze/copper faux-antique vase, it will automatically change the look of your floral arrangements. Even the most basic peonies and greenery will look absolutely stylish in this kind of recipient!
  • Summer colors. Some of you may be tempted to think only very bright colors and pastel colors work with summer wedding florals. However, that’s not entirely true. You can add depth and uniqueness to your wedding centerpieces by focusing on different colors. For example, sunset shades will look really beautiful (especially when the sun actually sets), and they definitely will add a dash of romanticism and beauty to your wedding tables.
  • Short and/or tall. You can easily make your summer wedding centerpieces feel more unique by using vases that are either very short or very tall. For example, box-shaped vases filled with white roses and plenty of greenery will look like a floral garland on a long, rectangular table. At the same time, very tall wedding centerpieces will give guests more room to talk and know each other (even when they’re sitting on opposite sides of the table).
  • Hanging beauties. You don’t have to put your wedding centerpieces in vases on the actual table. In fact, one of the biggest trends right now is to hang wedding flowers. This is a stunning option and it will add so much originality to your entire wedding décor! Even more, this type of arrangement can really help you create a more intimate space your guests will feel comfortable in (especially if the wedding venue is very tall, or if you’re having an outdoor wedding).


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