You Don’t Have to Break the Bank for Your Wedding Bar

Most couples want to pay a lot of attention to the way they use their wedding budgets – and you probably make no exception from the rule. However, should you really skimp on your wedding bar?

And if you don’t do that, how to make sure your Virginia wedding bar doesn’t break the bank? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Keep the open bar just for the cocktail hour. It will be enough for guests to “warm up” and break the ice before the actual party. You can have a fully open bar, or you could negotiate with your bar service provider to eliminate the top-shelf options. This could save you important sums of money! Once the cocktail hour is over, you can either allow guests to buy their own drinks (not recommended) or simply serve a limited variety of beer and wine.
  • Serve personalized cocktails. Want to serve guests with drinks that taste amazing and are very personal? How about a signature cocktail? You can even get a “his” and “her” cocktail, for example. Moreover, you can supplement this with simple beer and wine as well. This way, everyone will have a drink option and nobody will be able to actually complain.
  • Serve just beer and wine. Yes, that is totally fine. Even more, you can turn this as an element of your wedding theme (e.g. if you are having a destination wedding in Virginia, you could serve local beers and wines, and guests will be more than delighted with the idea).
  • Serve an open bar, but keep it limited. In most cases, you can negotiate with your bar service provider to only serve drinks up to a certain sum of money. Once that is reached, the open bar could close, guests could pay for their own drinks, or you could serve just beer and wine. Our advice is to never let guests to pay for their own drinks as this can be considered tacky – it’s better to serve just beer and wine, than to do that, actually.


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