Want Perfect Wedding Flowers? Here Are the Basic Tips to Know

Let’s face it: there’s nothing more beautiful than lush, elegant flower arrangements at a wedding. All the mason jars and all the balloons in the world cannot replace the beauty of flowers and/or greenery – and that is precisely why we cannot even imagine a Virginia wedding without these stunning additions.

What are some of the most beautiful wedding flowers for brides on a lower budget? We have some tips and ideas for you – read on and find out more.

  • If you are looking for a wedding flower that will definitely make a huge statement, but not empty your pockets too, this is the one. It looks absolutely stunning in single stems in pretty vases, so it will make for a wonderful choice for brides and grooms who want a slightly minimalist wedding that doesn’t miss out on style and elegance.
  • Simple, yet absolutely stunning in their own way, dahlias are the friendly flowers everyone’s familiar with. They are just perfect for a family-style wedding (perhaps even a very intimate one), and they are more than perfect for brides on a lower budget as well. Moreover, dahlias are widely available from late summer to early fall – so if you’re still planning out your wedding, there’s a very good chance you’ll be able to lay hands on a few of these beauties.
  • Looking for a wedding flower that will fill the air with its perfume? Freesias do that. They are the quintessential spring flower, but they are available all year round – and not at a hefty price. On the contrary, these pretty, fragranced blooms are considered to be quite low-priced. Even more, they are available in a wide range of colors (except for blue), making them the ideal wedding flower for pretty much anyone.
  • French tulips. Always wanted tulips at your wedding, but you’re planning a fall, winter, or early spring event? Well, while Dutch tulips may be more famous, their French counterparts are definitely more widely available throughout the year – and thus, they are less expensive as well. In terms of looks, these elegant long stems are very sophisticated, so there’s really no reason not to love them.


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