These Elements Are Crucial for Your Wedding Website

Let’s face it: technology has made it so much easier for us, from every single point of view – and your wedding planning makes no exception. Of course, you are using the Internet to find the best wedding vendors in Virginia and to find the ideas that suit your style – but how about creating your own wedding website?

That would be a wonderful idea – it’s inexpensive (or even free!), and it can be genuinely useful both for you and for your wedding guests. Some of the pages you could include on your wedding website are the following:

  • About you. Although most of your wedding guests are probably familiar with your love story, it would be nice to tell it to them again, from the very beginning. Tell people all the cute and romantic details that make you a unique couple (if you’re comfortable sharing this, of course). Tell them about the first time you met, the first date, the proposal story. Tell them about the wedding too – why not share some pictures of the wedding planning process, just enough to make people feel curious and excited about the upcoming Big Day?
  • Wedding registry. It is completely OK to show wedding registry information on your website. Even more, you can even add links to online websites you have registered to – this way, all guests will have to do is to click and send the order to your preferred address.
  • Venue information. Help guests find your wedding venue as easily as possible. Share with them a list of comprehensive instructions on how to reach the venue, as well as downloadable/ printable maps and GPS coordinates. This will make it so much easier for them to find your venue without having to constantly call and ask for instructions!
  • RSVP section. Why ask people for paper RSVP when they can just do it on your wedding website? This is extremely easy for everyone, it’s far less expensive for you, and it makes it actually facile to coordinate the RSVPs, centralize them, and count them.


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