The Backyard Wedding Tips You Absolutely MUST Know

Summer is almost here – and that means all the splendid outdoor weddings of Virginia are on their way as well! Here at Hunt Country Celebrations, we couldn’t be more excited about the amazing wedding season ahead of us!

If you want to have a summer wedding, and if you want your event to be sweet and intimate, you might be considering the idea of a backyard wedding. That’s really amazing, and it can be a real success!

To help you out with this, we have gathered some of the essential tips you should know when planning your dream backyard wedding – read on and find out more.

  • The location of your backyard does not necessarily have to influence the style. So if you own a house in Virginia and you want a backyard wedding inspired by Hawaii, you can totally pull it off. This makes a lot of sense if that’s what you dream of doing – and it’s even more fitted if you actually have ties to Hawaii (e.g. you spent your childhood there). The key here is to make sure you create a good balance between the local elements and the elements of your dream location/ sentimental location.
  • Likewise, not all backyard weddings have to look the same. From nautical themed backyard weddings to Birds and Butterflies weddings, everything can be done in a backyard as well. It’s just that you usually do it on a smaller scale than you would at a wedding venue. As long as you combine pieces that remind people of your chosen wedding style, your event is bound to be a success!
  • Last, but not least, backyard weddings don’t always happen in actual backyards. If your backyard is way too small even for a small wedding, or if you live in an apartment, it makes a lot of sense to rent a small wedding venue that will help you create the same cozy and comfy vibes of a backyard wedding. Remember though: you really want to stick with a small venue if you don’t have a large guest count – the larger the venue is, the more estranged and “cold” the event will feel if there aren’t enough guests to fill in the spaces.


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