Mother of the Bride? Here Are the Things You Should Know

Being a bride can be stressful – but sometimes, in the midst of all the Virginia wedding planning, people forget just how emotional this moment is for the Mother of the Bride too.

What are the things you should know if you are the Mother of the Bride? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Many traditions have simply vanished off the face of the Earth, but one of them seems to stick with us: the fact that the bride’s family pays for (the largest part of) the wedding. Don’t be fooled, though: you may be spending a lot of money on the Big Day, but most of the wedding planning choices pertain to the bride. She appreciates your input and advice, but she will most likely want to do things her way.
  • She respects you. Just because she doesn’t want the food you want, or the colors you want, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t respect you. It’s just that she has a different style than you, and that’s OK. After all, you raised your daughter to be her unique self – not a younger imitation of you.
  • You will like one dress – she will probably like a completely different one. Even with all the differences, you will absolutely enjoy going dress shopping with your daughter, precisely because it will remind you of the dress you wore on your Big Day.
  • You will most likely spend the morning of her wedding day with her and the bridesmaids. This entire getting ready session will start very early in the day, and it’s a party in the fullest sense of the word. From bubbly to professional hairstylists, brides like to pamper themselves before the wedding starts. Soak into the beauty of these moments, because they are completely unique.
  • You will definitely experience a revelation: your daughter is getting married, so everything has come full circle. A few decades ago, you were the one stepping down the aisle. Now, your beautiful baby girl is wearing her own wedding dress, saying her own wedding vows. Prepare the napkins, because you are bound to cry at least a bit!


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