How to Replace Peonies if You’re Having a Cold Season Wedding

Everyone loves peonies. They are romantic, they come in a lot of colors, and they work with an impressive array of wedding styles. What they don’t do, however, is bloom during the winter season – or not naturally, at least. This makes them quite scarce between September and March – and consequently, it makes them quite pricy as well.

How to replace peonies if you’re having a cold season wedding? We have some tips for you – continue reading if you want to inspire yourself.

  • English/ David Austen roses. Very similar to their “cousins”, English roses pose a lot of advantages. For starters, they bloom from October to May, meaning that they will be widely available during the entire cold season. More than that, they are just as ruffled and lovely as peonies, and they come in pretty much the same range of colors – making them a true competitor to the already-classic wedding blooms.
  • Double flowering tulips. Lovely, elegant, and sophisticated, tulips are also a very popular wedding flower. What if we told you there’s a bloom that has the same opulence as peonies and the simple elegance of tulips? Double flowering tulips can be found quite easily between June and November – and wow, what an amazing choice they are!
  • Now, here’s a fall wedding flower by definition! Sweet, a bit melancholic, poetic, and beautiful, these flowers are a great replacement or complement to peonies. They are extremely affordable between August and October and they are a great way to add more texture and richness to a cheaper peony bouquet (not to mention they look stunning as stand-alone blooms too!).


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