The Hottest Wedding Trends on Pinterest for 2018


As a bride-to-be, you definitely go to Pinterest to inspire yourself. Yet, with so many options and ideas, it can be sometimes quite hard to distinguish between so-called trends and what brides are actually settling for when it comes to their Big Day.

What are the hottest wedding trends on Pinterest for 2018? We have gathered some of them right below – so read on if you want to find out more and inspire yourself.

  • Copper, gold, and silver – all together. Gold and silver weddings are no news, and copper has been trending for quite some time as well. But few brides have ever thought of bringing different types of metal together – particularly because it used to be considered a complete “no-no”. This year, however, we’re shown with a difference facet to this “unwritten rule” – and oh, how stunning combined metals look when they’re done the right way!
  • Sage as a wedding color. If you want to incorporate a trendy, fresh, and energizing color into your wedding, sage is a really beautiful way to do it. It will really bring a lot of style and uniqueness into your wedding, even if you simply choose to combine it with white (and maybe the aforementioned metallic colors). So pretty!
  • Spicy wedding menu. Looking to add a kick to your wedding menu? Search for spicy Moroccan recipes to incorporate or steal inspiration from. It’s really trendy this year – and we guarantee your guests will absolutely love the idea as well!


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