Surprise Your Guests With the Newest Food Trends

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Your wedding guests deserve to feel really great celebrating your love story – and food will always be a hugely important part of this. Of course, you want to serve foods you love and you know your guests will love – but looking at the latest food trends can inspire you quite a lot.

So, what are the freshest food trends for 2018? Read on and find out more.

  • Drip cakes are all the rage. Gone are the days of simple, white, tiered cakes. These days, smaller drip cakes are highly popular – not only do they look more than spectacular, but they also provide couples with the opportunity to settle for more than one flavor, so that all guests are happy.
  • Herbal cocktails are very popular too. If you want to add a little special something to your signature wedding cocktail, herbs are the way to do it. Not only will these add a lot of appeal and uniqueness to the way your cocktails look, but they will also add plenty of flavor as well!
  • Serve the best combination: choux-nuts. Somewhere in between the perfect fluffy doughnuts and the finesse of the choux pastry, these sweet combos are a huge hit in 2018. Fill them with unique ingredients that will feel like true pampering for your wedding guests – we guarantee they will love them!
  • Black foods are surprising and pretty. You don’t have to serve an all-black wedding menu to participate in this trend. Naturally dark colored foods will do the trick very well – so focus on black beans, black rice, and other similar ingredients to pull this trend off in an elegant way.


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