The Wedding Invitation Etiquette Everyone Should Know

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Your wedding is one of the most important events you will ever plan – so it is perfectly understandable that you want all of your guests to be able to attend it. Before that, though, you should first make sure to send out the invitations the proper way, following all the etiquette rules associated with this step.

What are they? What are the wedding invitation etiquette rules everyone should know? Read here to find out more:

  • Give people enough time to send back the RSVPs. For local weddings (without too many out of town guests), two weeks is a decent deadline (starting from the moment you send out the invitations). For a medium-sized wedding, allow guests to send the RSVPs in about four weeks. And if you want a destination wedding, allow them to send the RSVPs back in about twelve weeks.
  • We know you might be tempted to send online invitations – but they are still not widely acknowledged and accepted in the wedding world. Because your wedding is rather formal, you should still send out the classic paper invitations. You can, however, use the online invitations for any of the pre-wedding events (engagement party, bridal shower, and so on).
  • Plus-ones are not a pre-requisite – and your guests shouldn’t take it as such either. Address your wedding invitations to the exact people you’re inviting (and add “+ Mr. / Mrs. …” if you want guests to bring in plus ones). Remember, this is not a surefire way to ensure you won’t receive RSVPs including more than one guest – but it can definitely lower the odds.


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