Wedding Day Surprises You Will Probably Have

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No matter how much you plan and prepare for it, your wedding day will be utterly surprising. There’s simply no way you can foresee everything that will happen on such a huge event in your life – much less to understand the rollercoaster of emotions you are about the embark on the moment you wake up on your Big Day.

What are some of the surprises few brides actually talk about? We have gathered them right below – so read on and be as ready to embrace them as possible:

  • You will feel like a total wreck about 10 minutes before the ceremony. That’s when all the adrenaline will kick in – together with tears, laughter, overwhelming love, fear, anxiety, and nervousness. Embrace these minutes, because they are the beginning of the most beautiful era in your life: you’re about to step down the aisle and marry the person you love most in the whole wide world!
  • You will want to take a few minutes off. All the smiling, the pictures, and the emotions can get quite tiresome, so it is totally understandable why you might want to take a break and spend some time alone (or with your SO). Do it – it’s your right to be fully happy on your wedding day!
  • Magic will happen when you least expect it. The ceremony, the “I Do”, the First Dance – they will all be amazing in their own way. But the most magical moment will come out of the blue – like when you see your SO across the room and realize you are finally one.

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