So, Is the White Wedding Dress Still an Option?

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For a long time there, white wedding dresses seemed to be the only option there was. However, times have changed and wedding etiquette is far more relaxed these days than it used to be two or three decades ago.

Is the white wedding dress still an option in 2017 – and even more than that, how come it grew to be so important for the Western wedding culture? Read on and find out more.


  • Would it surprise you if we told you the white wedding dress was not even an option until a couple of centuries ago? Given its high popularity today, it would definitely come as a shock to many of you – but the white wedding dress was not even an option two centuries ago.
  • The first public person to wear a white wedding dress was none else than Queen Victoria. However, when she made this choice, it came as a shock for everyone. Wedding gowns used to be ornate and colored until she decided to settle for something purer, simpler, and more modest – but as soon as she did it, other people started doing it too.
  • The white wedding gown tradition is so deeply rooted in our culture that most brides do not even consider any other option these days – even when they are actually allowed to wear any color they want. Truth be told, there’s something truly stunning about a happy lady walking down the aisle in a white gown, ready to change her life forever – so we can definitely understand why you want to stay traditional from this point of view!


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