Make Your First Dance Truly Memorable!

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Your First Dance is more than a dance and a song – it is the living, breathing artistic expression of your love story. It is a memory you will cherish for the many years to come. It is a special moment with true sentimental value for you, for your loved one, and for everyone present at your wedding.

How to make your first dance feel truly memorable? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Create a custom song – or even record yourselves singing your favorite song. Of course, picking a song that’s already out there and playing it in its original form is fine – but if you want to go the extra-mile when it comes to uniqueness, this idea will definitely sound amazing to you.
  • Use a few fun props. Big fans of Doctor Who, Star Wars, or Top Gun? Take inspiration from your favorite movie or book and bring it to life through your First Dance. Hiring a choreographer may help a lot with this, and so will a few fun, unique props that will add liveliness and beauty to this great moment.
  • Ease in with a special video. Record yourselves, separately, talking about your relationship and love story. Make this the beginning of your First Dance (and of your wedding reception itself). We guarantee the moment will bring tears of emotion to your guests’ eyes – and it will definitely make for a memory nobody will forget very soon.

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