Create a Truly Timeless Wedding

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All brides and grooms want their wedding to be amazing from all points of view – and you make no exception whatsoever. Yet, what happens when you want your wedding to be timeless, rather than trendy?

We have gathered some of the most classically beautiful wedding ideas you will surely love – so read on if you need some inspiration.

  • Plain white invitations. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on fancy wedding stationery, and if you want to keep it traditionally pretty, plain white invitations are the way to do it. Add a bit of glamor with a beautiful font, a dash of color with a bit of gold or silver, and a bit of uniqueness with a pretty engraving and we guarantee everyone at your wedding will love the stationery!
  • Chignon hairstyle. Not sure how to create a really classy wedding hairstyle? Braids, puffy hair, curls – we’ve all seen them coming in and going out of trend. But if you want something that remains fashionable no matter how much time goes by, opt for a classic chignon. It will make you feel so feminine and beautiful!
  • Flower petals on the aisle. Planning an outdoor wedding? The most beautiful way to decorate your wedding ceremony aisle will always include flower petals (and yes, they’re usually red or white roses). Don’t be afraid to use a real classic for your Big Day!
  • Your name’s initials (and monograms). Thought initials and monograms are out of fashion? Think again – they are constantly re-imagined by designers who know there’s no other better way to personalize a wedding. Bring these details into your own wedding day too!

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