What Should Bridesmaids Pay For?

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Bridesmaids are very important to you – not only are they your best friends, but they are the ones who helped you plan the Big Day, and the ones who will stand by you throughout the wedding itself too.

Of course, you wouldn’t want to ruin your friendship over pennies – so it is important to clear things out from the very beginning on what it is that they should pay for. Read on to learn more about these wedding etiquette rules.

  • Their attires. From the dresses to the accessories, everything (aside from the florals) should be covered by the bridesmaids. This is precisely why it is always recommended that you choose dresses the ladies can wear on other occasions as well.
  • The pre-wedding parties. The bridal shower and the bachelorette party costs are usually covered by the bridesmaids too (and the party planning itself is led by the Maid of Honor). From travel expenses for exquisite bachelorette spa treatments to girls’ night out, the costs of these pre-wedding events are covered by the ladies.
  • The wedding gift. In general, a wedding gift is expected from the bridesmaids – but a bridal shower gift is not absolutely mandatory (of course, nobody will stop you from buying one if you want to).
  • The travel expenses. Most of the times, bridesmaids cover for their travel expenses from their own pockets. However, if you are planning a destination wedding and your bridesmaids are going through financial difficulties, they should be free to discuss this matter with you.

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