These Wedding Budget Mistakes Might Lead to a Disaster

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Your wedding budget is of the utmost importance – and you should pay a lot of attention to the way you create it, just as much as you pay attention to the way you spend it too. What are some of the worst mistakes to avoid when planning the Big Day? We have gathered the most common wedding budget blunders that can very easily lead to a disaster – so read on and find out more.

  • Not planning the budget from the very beginning. Of course, money talk can be frustrating and odd, but it is something you really have to bring into discussion before you proceed with anything else. Who will pay? How much will be covered by you? Will your parents help out? What is the absolute maximum you can afford to spend on the wedding? These are all essential questions to ask!
  • Not reading all that fine print when signing on the dotted line. We know you’re smitten with your wedding vendors – but that doesn’t mean you have to blindly sign a contract you are not fully aware of. Read all the fine print to make sure what to expect!
  • Allowing friends and family dictate what you should do with your wedding. All those extra guests your parents want to invite and all those plus-ones (that don’t involve serious relationships) – they can all add up to the final bill. Stand your ground and talk to your friends and family about your budget and the fact that it is limited – they will understand.

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