Money Mistakes to Avoid When Planning the Big Day

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It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that weddings cost a lot of money – but, after all, you only get married once and it should be absolutely amazing, right?

What are the money mistakes you should definitely avoid when planning the Big Day? We have some tips for you – read on and find out more.

  • Not making a clear budget to begin with. Sure, there are a lot of temptations that might appear along the way – but resisting them means you are starting your marriage on the right foot from a financial point of view. Sit down with your loved one, see how much you can afford paying for all of the wedding elements, and do everything in your power to actually stick to the plan too.
  • Forgetting to budget for certain elements. With so many details to handle, it is perfectly understandable why certain things might slip from the initial budget plan. Pre-wedding events, the presents you buy for your bridesmaids, and many other items seem insignificant in terms of costs – but they can quickly add up and push you over your budget.
  • Accepting parents to help you financially and not setting things straight. Your parents obviously want you to be happy – but if you decide to accept their financial help, be sure you set all the rules from the very beginning (e.g. if you want a small wedding and they start pushing for more guests, you should be honest with them and talk about this).

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