What Grooms Need to Know About Wedding Planning

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Just because brides are traditionally more involved in wedding planning, it doesn’t mean grooms aren’t equally invested in the Big Day. After all, this is a huge event for the groom as well – and he definitely wants to make sure it turns out perfect.

What is the groom’s role when planning the wedding, though? Read on and see what grooms need to know about wedding planning.

  • Communicate with your bride about the guest list. If you really must have certain people invited, make sure you stand your ground and tell her it’s important to you. She will be more than understanding of this.
  • Pick your groomsmen with care. We know you don’t like to rank the people in your life, but if there’s only one time when you should actually do this, it’s when you’re planning the Big Day. Your groomsmen will be there for you, they will help you manage the wedding, and they will appear in the most treasured pictures of your life – so choose wisely.
  • Beware of the selfies. Sure, one or two selfies with the guys can be fun. Other than that, though, leave the photography into the hands of the professional – after all, you’re paying them to capture your wedding, and your selfies shouldn’t stand in the way.
  • Empty your pockets – literally. You might be tempted to carry a thousand-and-one things with you in your pockets – but it might not be such a great idea for your wedding day. Imagine the distracting sound of your dangling car keys as you have your first dance!

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