Gorgeous Spring Wedding Trends for 2017

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Rejoice, spring is here – and we all know how wonderful spring wedding trends always are, right? If you are looking for the best and most beautiful spring wedding trends for 2017, make sure to read below, because we have gathered the top ideas to inspire you.

  • Over-the-top flower arrangements are very in this spring – and it’s perfectly understandable why so many brides love them. Opulent, beautiful and timelessly elegant, large flower arrangements add a touch of luxury and beauty to a wedding – so you have all the reasons to like the idea. Plus, what other season is better for going really over-the-top with the flowers, other than spring itself?Lanterns have made their way into weddings too. Paper lanterns can be really playful and perfect for a casual wedding – but if you want something more unique, you can opt for elegant antique lanterns paving the way to your reception venue, or you can top lanterns with small flower arrangements that add a bit of life and style to the entire décor.
  • Baby breaths are absolutely adorable – and they are more than affordable too. Not only are they great as complements to other blooms, but you can use them to decorate an outdoor ceremony site (especially if you want a casual, laid-back vibe at your wedding). For instance, you could place large bouquets of baby breaths in tin buckets, or you could use them for small, stylish arrangements paving your wedding ceremony aisle.

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Photo source: flickr.com/ cubsvball15

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