Do You Have a Wedding Style in Mind?

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Every single inch of your wedding day should reflect you, your love story, your personalities, and what you truly like. To make sure you have a wedding that mirrors you, remember to choose a wedding style first.

Do you have a wedding style in mind? If you’re not yet decided, here are some tips to help you make the final call.

  • The Utter Romantics. You are the kind of couple who lives in a real-life fairytale – and you want your wedding to be worthy of your big dreams. Oversized floral arrangements (made with roses, peonies or dahlias, of course), pastel colors, big chandeliers – you will want your wedding to be over-the-top in almost every respect. And oh, how lovely it will all feel!
  • The Urban Citizens. You like contemporary styles – your clothes, your taste in art, and everything about you speaks about this passion. Therefore, your wedding will be just as wonderfully modern as you are. Make a statement with clean lines and elegant simplicity, a combination of dark and light colors, mirrored effects, and an overall “neat” vibe. People will love this so much!
  • The Hippy Eclectic. You are an energy bomb – and your wedding will reflect this in every single way possible. From the bright-colored scheme to the unique and DIY wedding décor items, everything about your Big Day will speak about originality, thinking out-of-the-box and combining styles that are not usually seen together. How creative and fresh your wedding will be!

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