Wedding Ideas That Are In and Out

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Wedding trends come and go – and while you will always be free to create the wedding you like, the truth is that knowing which trends are in and which are out can definitely help you plan a picture-perfect wedding that feels exciting, unique and absolutely amazing for everyone invited.

What are the wedding ideas that are in and out? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • In terms of lighting, it is suggested that you leave aside primary colors-based up lighting. In reality, almost nobody can look good in blue or red lighting! Instead, focusing on a pale pink or amber up lighting can really create a relaxing, beautiful atmosphere at your wedding.
  • Gold will always be a top-favorite color when it comes to weddings. However, this year’s trends are saying gold and black is not a good combination anymore – it can make your wedding look severely outdated and it strikes too much of a contrast to be the suave and delicate wedding color scheme you want so much. On the other hand, combining gold with pale nuances of coral or dark taupe can make the entire Big Day feel absolutely stylish.
  • Overly flowery décor is also out – and this is actually great news for those of you trying to save a dollar or two. Instead, focusing on wilderness-inspired, natural designs can have a stunning effect on how your wedding “vibes” are sent out. Plus, there’s plenty of room for creativity in this trend, especially as it allows you to bring in fruit and other elements that will add uniqueness to the entire décor.

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Photo source: Matthew Simoneau

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