Wedding Flowers and Their Meanings

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Undoubtedly, flowers play a huge role in a wedding – and while you surely want your wedding florals to look beautiful and elegant, you also want your wedding blooms to speak about your love story. Yes, every type of flower has its own special meaning – and it can be really nice to select the flowers for your Big Day according to the symbolism behind them.

How to do that? What are some of the most popular wedding flowers and their meanings? Read on, find out more, and “steal” some inspiration from us:


  • As the all-time wedding flower favorite, roses have different meanings, according to the color they come in. Red roses are all about true love, pink roses are about passionate and youthful love, while the white rose means reverence, innocence and purity. And if you are looking for a more passionate rose color, settle for orange – it is said to symbolize desire and passion at the same time.
  • Also a very popular wedding flower, tulips come with a powerful love message. In fact, they are believed to be the flowers of the undying love (especially in the purple variation). However, you might want to stay away from white roses, which symbolize one-sided love.
  • Elegant and beautiful, carnations are also extremely common among brides – and not without reason! They too come with a very strong meaning! It is believed carnations are all about distinction and love, and each color adds its own symbolism to the bouquet. In this sense, the red carnations mean passionate love, the pink carnations mean “motherly love” or “the love of a woman”, while white carnations are all about purity and beauty.

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