4 Gorgeous Wedding Ideas for 2016

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As a bride-to-be, you surely want your wedding day to be fabulous from all points of view: the flowers, the cake, the food and even the cocktails should all match your wedding vision, your dreams, your hopes and, ultimately, your very love story itself.

What are some of the most gorgeous wedding ideas for 2016? We have gathered 4 of them right below – so read on if you are searching for inspiration.


  • Hanging umbrellas. Want to add a chic, Victorian appeal to your wedding décor? If you are planning to have an outdoor or tent wedding, enhance the natural beauty of your space with hanging umbrellas. From lace umbrellas to fun-colored parasols, anything works – and doing this will definitely make everything look spectacular.
  • Rose gold. Lovely and warm, rose gold is a very nice touch to bring into your wedding – and not only in your wedding jewelry. Create a beautiful rose gold-based wedding décor and we guarantee your guests will be wowed by your elegant ideas!
  • We all love being surrounded by greenery – and this year’s wedding trends have been more than generous in this respect. Brides from all over the world are adding extra-greenery to their wedding florals, making everything more whimsical, more eco-friendly and more budget-oriented as well. You should definitely check out this trend!
  • Single-tiered cakes. Weddings are becoming more and more casual – and, following in this direction, single-tiered cakes have grown a lot in popularity this year. They look amazing, they are more than suitable for an intimate wedding and they allow for a lot of creativity too – which makes them perfect for a modern-day bride!

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