Wedding Send-off Ideas You’re Going to Love

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Every moment of your Big Day deserves your attention and dedication. After all, you want this day to be truly special and memorable – and being careful about the details can really pay off when it comes to this.

Of course, you want your ceremony and reception to be absolutely stunning. But have you thought of some wedding send-off ideas? If not, read on and find out more because we have gathered the most creative and inspiring ones:


  • Sure, these are probably too popular these days – but, in truth, they can be absolutely amazing. Provide your guests with sparklers to light up as they “send you off” and it will make for a magical experience. Plus, it looks gorgeous in the pictures too!
  • Fairytale wands. If you are the kind of couple who has always wanted a wedding worthy of a fairytale, you will love the idea of being sent off in waves of fairytale wands. A playful and romantic idea everyone will enjoy!
  • Lavender leaves. Want a beautifully fragranced send-off? Think of the option of having people toss lavender leaves at you! This works really amazingly with summer outdoor/rustic-chic weddings and it can really add a lot to your entire wedding day.
  • Paper planes. For a cute and childish send-off, ask people to write their messages on paper airplanes and to toss them as you are being sent-off. It will make for a heart-warming moment everyone will love!

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